Advanced Tarot Reading

Advanced Tarot Reading

Advance Tarot is one of the most unique types of workshop for all you Tarot Readers who have been effectively and successfully working with your clients.

This course will further give you more in depth knowledge of Tarot Reading and help you bring out the hidden secrets stored in these Tarot Cards.Advanced Tarot Reading

Course Content:

  1. This course will include Advance Tarot Spreads like Secret Spread, Wheel of Life, Past Life, Circle of Life Spreads, Romany and best of all is Relationship spread with possible outcome and solutions etc.
  2. The second part will cover white Spells with Tarot Cards:

How to manifest with Tarot Cards for Prosperity, Better Relationships, Facing Competition, Court Cases, Protection, Overall Good luck and many more.

  1. Use of Tarot Cards with Various Candles and Crystals.
  2. It will also cover connection of Tarot with Numerology to indentify your Birth Card and your Yearly Card and Programming of Crystals.

We would only request you that before you join any other trainer do call us and we are sure to satisfy all your needs.

Program Details: 3 days.

Content: Detailed notes with Candles, Crystal set and ISO Certification

 Fees:  6000/-.

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